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Git Gob
Two creatures wonder: "What is a hole?". Although they have different points of view, their debate leads to an idea. An idea that changes the world!
Simon's Cat | Fly Guy
When an energetic cat feels bored, everything can become an exciting game. Bent on capturing a fat fly, an endless string of incidental damages ruin its owner's afternoon nap.
What a Wonderful World
Sir David Attenborough narrates Louis Armstrong’s "What a Wonderful World" to scenes of nature at its most breathtaking. Take a breath, and enjoy.
Ozo — a peculiar creature — has its egg stolen by NéNé, a slightly insane ostrich. Ozo embarks on a dangerous mission to get it back.
Ormie is a Pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want cookie. But they are out of reach... or are they? See Ormie's attempts to gain the warm sweet taste that is his obsession.
When a mouse crosses paths with an injured bird, an unlikely friendship takes flight.
Brush: A Fox Tale
An artistic fox is in love with his neighbour, but he dare not show it. His paintings come to life to convince him to take the leap.
Two wildebeests disagree whether an object in the water is a crocodile or a log. Sometimes it's be enough to know you're right...
Out of Sight
A blind girl is robbed on the street. While chasing her pet dog Gogo, she strays from her familiar route and embarks on a magical adventure.
Sheeped Away
A jolly farmer enjoys his sheep more than he does his wife at home. When a UFO abducts his sheep, he takes a decision.
Much Better Now
A bookmark is stuck in a forgotten book. When the book is knocked over by wind, the bookmark finds an ocean’s worth of adventure on its pages.
The quiet life of an old nursery shop owner is interrupted when a little girl comes in looking for a house for each of her little monsters.
Coin Operated
A young boy dreams of star-ships and space travel, opening a lemonade stand in hopes of financing his ambitions. Seventy years pass in the life of one naïve explorer...
A girl befriends a tiny pilot who drops out of the sky on a broken flying machine. The pilot needs to fly home before it's too late.
The Mole and the Earthworm
A mole discovers that the other animals have friends of their own kind to play with. Only the mole is alone. A fat earthworm escapes in a hurry. The hunt inside the tunnels begins!
Sweet Cocoon
A caterpillar is struggling to fit into her cocoon. When a friendly weevil and cockroach offer help, their ingenuity leads them to some comical situations. Will it also lead them to a beautiful butterfly?
Head Up
A parent goat is once again annoyed with its kid's behavior. Keep your head down. Move on... Stop hopping! But the parent finds out there are lessons to be learned the other way round.
What do animals do when humans aren't looking? Deep in a forest, a gathering of wild animals performs a nighttime opera, directed by a squirrel.
Home Sweet Home
A house uproots herself from her dilapidated suburban foundations. As she sets out to explore the world, an epic adventure awaits.
Los Mariachis
The 'Los Mariachis' try to brighten up the everyday life of an overworked man with rousing Mexican folk music. They succeed to do so, at least for a little while.
Mickey tries to take a picture of a cute little panda in the Beijing Zoo, but the panda has other ideas! Can Mickey outwit the camera-shy panda?
Father and Daughter
A father says goodbye to his young daughter. As the landscapes live through their seasons, so the girl lives through hers. But a deep longing for her father remains.
The lion and the monkey
In the savanna, a long time ago, an injured lion saves a little monkey. In return, the monkey looks after the lion. A friendship is born and blossoms in perfect harmony. But the equilibrium is spoiled when the monkey discovers fire.
A Sunny Day
As the mercury rises, the sun discovers that it is not the star it had hoped to be. That is, until it starts sinking into the sea.
Gopher Broke
A hungry gopher has a clever plan to score food from passing farm trucks, but other animals beat him to the punch. That is, until a truck with a cow comes along.
On a distant planet, order is the norm. But one little kid — to the embarrassment of his parents — has his own ideas on how life needs to be lived.
The Mole at the Sea
A mole digs his way to the beach of his dreams. On arrival, the beach looks perfect indeed. But then the hordes arrive.
Two disabled squeaky toys escape from the factory and find themselves lost and alone in an urban world full of over-sized humans.
Lunar Jig
By the gnarled roots of an old tree and lit by the glow of a flickering light, a romance blossoms between an unexpected couple — a crane fly and a red carnation.
Fluffy Mc Cloud
Fluffy Mc Cloud is going about his duties as Mother Nature intended when a misunderstanding with a human leads to disastrous consequences.
Sleeping Betty
Sleeping Betty is stuck in bed, victim to a strange bout of narcolepsy. With the court looking on, the King calls on his subjects to rescue her. They all respond to the call.
The Star Eater
A star-eating monster scares a boy into hiding under his bed. How can the boy find the courage and wit to defeat this monster? Only some magic will do.